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Atlantis Business School (ABS) has partnered up with the University Utara Malaysia (UUM) to provide
world-class tertiary education to African and Mauritian students through a diversity of business courses
with AACSB accreditation.
UUM and ABS are continuously improving their facilities to ensure that the students of ABS study in an
environment conducive to academic and professional development. With this as objective, ABS has
invested massively in school infrastructure to provide modern premises that match the standards and
requirements set by the UUM. The classrooms are equipped with high speed wireless internet
connection, projectors and computers connected to a terminal, a relaxation area for students on the
rooftop, a library and a computer lab. The students in Mauritius can access the UUM portal where they
can review their courses and make use of the online library of the UUM.
The program offered at ABS is exactly the same as the one offered at the UUM. The course is delivered
by highly qualified lecturers. The current and future students of ABS will be registered as UUM students
and the “offer letter” will be issued once their requests have been endorsed by the authorized parties.
The agreement between UUM and ABS is based on the regulations of the authorities and is based on
fundamental principles that will serve to maintain the quality of our bachelors and masters and ensure
the well-being of our students.
According to the regulations of the TEC, courses issued by foreign universities in Mauritius must be
recognized in their country of origin. The UUM has obtained the approval of the Malaysia Ministry of
Education to endorse the recognition of the qualifications awarded by the UUM in Mauritius through
the ABS. The ABS examinations will be conducted under the aegis of the Mauritius Examinations
Syndicate (MES) in Mauritius. Most importantly, students will have an internationally recognized degree
from one of the best universities in Malaysia.
Ensuring and maintaining the quality of our courses is one of the priorities of ABS. It begins with quality
controls at all levels, both in terms of academic management and administrative management. The
management personnel of the UUM makes regular visits to Mauritius at the beginning and the end of
each semester, and a professor is present during each mid-semester to ensure that all required
standards are being respected when courses are delivered, students are assessed and course-works are

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